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Welcome to Miller’s Piano Studio!

My name is Ms. Miller. I am a classically trained pianist, with nearly 20 years experience playing the piano. I teach beginner to intermediate piano to children, teens, and adults.

My teaching provides a comprehensive music education, while encouraging your personal musical interest. I tailor my teaching style to each of my students, so that learning music can be fun and motivating.

A few excerpts from one of my performances.

My Approach to Music & Teaching

I love sharing and using a variety of tips and tools I’ve collected over the years from other professional musicians with my students. This is not only a huge benefit for my students making progress but also makes music fun and rewarding to learn.

My goal in teaching is not to “just get through a curriculum, or song” for lack of a better phrase. But to help you develop a solid foundation, technique, and good musical habits that will benefit you as you progress in your musical education. And having a great time doing so, because isn’t that the whole point of taking piano lessons. To have fun learning the piano so you can play the music you love!

What Will You Learn?

You will learn strong fundamentals and advanced skills so you can master piano and have fun doing it! Here’s a few highlights of what you’ll learn:

How To Read & Write Musical Notation

Understanding musical notation makes it possible to pick up a piece of sheet music and know how to play it without constantly struggling to find the notes. This makes playing your favorite pieces extra fun! It also allows you to notate your own compositions into sheet music.

Music Theory

Music theory put simply is the how and why behind music.
Learning music theory teaches you how music is written and how to interpret musical notes and terminology. When it comes to learning an instrument, music theory allows you to understand the importance of notation, keys, scales, intervals, pitch, melody, harmony, and much more.

But how does this help you? Musical theory allows you to communicate with other musicians, use sheet music to learn any song you want, learn how to improvise, create your own chord progressions, or compositions to name just a few.


“Wow, How can you play that?” Have you ever thought that when someone plays incredibly well all while making it look easy?

That’s technique. Technique focuses on the ‘how‘ we play. You’ll develop your hands and fingers to eventually play those “impossible” looking pieces. It also gives you the capacity to play with musicality, to add emotion, power, and depth to your playing.

Sight Reading

This skill allows you to play a piece of sheet music in your level at first sight without ever seeing or practicing it first. Having a fine-tuned understanding of musical notation, theory, and structure is essential to being a capable sight reader and well-rounded musician.

Ear Training

Ear training means being able to identify what we hear and play it back. It’s the process of connecting music theory (notes, intervals, chords, scales, melodies, etc.) with the sounds we hear. In other words, studying ear training is building a bridge between the language of music and the sounds that are represented by that language. For example it is what allows you to hear a melody or chord progression and recreate it without sheet music.

Lessons Are $25 / Half-hour

Current student openings are on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

What Do You Need For Virtual Lessons?

For virtual lessons to be successful there are just a few things that you will need to have access to. Such as:

  • Piano, or good quality keyboard
  • Tablet or Computer with a camera and microphone set up.
  • Good Internet Connection

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Note to those interested in lessons: I am invested in each and every one of my students. Therefore, before I commit to being your teacher, we’ll schedule a brief interview to make sure I’d be the best teacher for you.

Lessons Are $25 / Half-hour

Current student openings are on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

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